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Commodity Trading | Access a wide range of commodity across devices with minimal costs.

Explore the world's hottest trading products and explore endless investment opportunities with HXFX GLOBAL.

Contain a wide variety of goods, but in the financial investment market, the main transaction is commodities. Bulk commodity refer to commodities that are homogeneous, tradeable and widely used as industrial basic raw materials. They are mainly divided into three categories: energy commodities, basic raw materials and agricultural by-products. The most familiar commodities are crude oil, non-ferrous metals, steel, iron ore, coal and so on.
  • Two-way trading, both buy-up and buy-down can be profitable
  • Hedgable risk, no limit on rise and drop
  • Margin trading, low entry-level, high profit
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Factors affecting commodity trading
Transaction Instance
Commodities are two-way transactions, which can be either long (buy up) or short (buy down). Simply put,
if you think that the price of the commodity will climb, buy it; if you think it will fall, sell it.
If the direction is judged correctly, you can make a profit.
Calculated as follows:
Commodity Contract Specifications

/ HXFX Global's Commodity trading can be used for long and short term trading of currency pairs in the form of margin

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